I design user interfaces and program software. Also I seem to have a blog now.
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Series: X11 I3wm Setup

I3dropdown: Animated Drop Down for Any Window in i3wm

A intro to I3dropdown a program to drop down any application in i3wm with animating windows with nice easing, transient execution, tons of features and heavy optimizations. Optimizations which drove me to write my own JSON query engine, Prediquery.

Evdoublebind and My Ergonomic Key Bindings

To increase the ergonomics of my daily work I make extensive use of double bind keys, overloaded keys are described more in detail below. To achieve this I created Evdoublebind and configs currently for X11. The goal of this post is to introduce Evdoublebind and document the setup before it is migrated to wayland.